May 16, 2021 ~ Shabbat KALA. Maqam HOSENI.

אנכי דוד בן אהרון חסין חזק


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Saba 493 406 אערך מהלל ניבי This pizmon (SABA, page 406), Eerokh Mahalal Nibi, is composed by the most celebrated Moroccan poet, Rabbi David b. Aharon Hasin (1727-1792). There are 19 stanzas in this long pizmon, making the acrostic: אנכי דוד בן אהרון חסין חזק. The chorus of "Likhod Hemdat Lebabi Eliyahu HaNabi,” translated as "In honor of the beloved of my heart Eliyahu the Prophet,” is repeated after each stanza. This song provides a poetic compilation of the various reasons why Eliyahu HaNabi, discussed prominently in 1 Kings, is honored. In addition, the song makes references to Midrash; saying that Eliyahu “is” [a reincarnation of] Pinehas the Priest. The main association of this pizmon is for a Berit Milah, because it is traditionally said that Eliyahu's presence is at each Milah. It is also associated with Shabbat Pinehas (or Balaq), because it is when we read about the story of Pinehas and his heroic actions. In addition, the story of Eliyahu HaNabi is read in the Haftara of this Torah portion. Yabess Manuscript J. Mosseri
Fule Yanani
Moshe Dwek