February 22, 2018 ~ Shabbat ZAKHOR. Maqam SIGAH.

Esther - מגילת אסתר


Dedicated by David Matouk Betesh in honor of his ancestors in each generation named "Esther"

  • Great Great Great Grandmother- Esther Kredi Shrem (mother of Flora/Simbol Shrem)
  • Great Great Grandmother- Esther Dushey Shasho (mother of Rachel Shasho Gemal)
  • Great Grandmother- Esther Levy Zeitouni (mother of Captain Maurice D Zeitouni)
  • Grandmother- Esther Gemal Betesh (mother of Mitchell D Betesh)
  • Mother- Estelle Zeitouni Betesh

The Scroll of Esther, named after the famous Jewish hero, Esther, is traditionally read on the Purim Festival (14-15 Adar), a time of recognizing that at any given moment, the tables can turn, a major calamity can be averted, and anguish can suddenly turn into joy.

Whereas the majority of the Purim Pizmonim are in Maqam Sigah, the Megillat Esther cantillation of the Syrian Jews is conducted in Maqam Saba Mouhayar (or some say Maqam Rast), whereas the Iraqi Jews read the Megillah in Maqam Sigah.