May 21, 2018 ~ Shabbat NASO. Maqam SABA.

Shabbat Shelah


עלה נעלה וירשנו אתה כי יכול נוכל לה - When the spies observe the inhabitants, the infrastructure, and even the fruits of Canaan, they grew intimidated; casting serious doubts about the nation's ability to move forward with the conquest. It was Kaleb Ben Yefune, the one "Jewish" spy (from the tribe of Judah), who saw the exact same obstacles and encouraged others to think more positively. When everyone else lost hope, Kaleb's lone voice of "we can certainly do it!" (Numbers 13:30) created an optimistic outlook on the difficult road ahead. Ten of the spies were eventually punished, not because they deemed the pending task as too difficult, but because they did not believe in the ability of God to deliver on His promise. We learn from this story that when faced with challenges in life, it is the Jewish way to trust in God and then have the confidence to move forward and not be dissuaded by doubts. Beth Torah Bulletin, June 17, 2017.