October 24, 2017 ~ Shabbat LEKH LEKHA. Maqam SABA.

Shabbat Toledot


ויחפר את בארת המים אשר חפרו בימי אברהם אביו - During his lifetime, Abraham dug numerous wells; bringing prosperity to all. One year, however, Isaac, his son, was blessed with 100 times more produce (מאה שערים) than anyone else. In response to their hatred and jealousy, the local people vandalize all of Abraham's wells; attempting to erase any connection that he ever had with the land. Isaac defiantly responds by making it his responsibility to rebuild each well; restoring each one by its original Abrahamic name. These wells can be viewed as a metaphor for the heritage of Abraham, which include justice and righteousness, attributes that he strongly championed. We see Isaac's greatness not in his originality of carving his own independent road, but by him publicly defending Abraham's path; retracing his father's footsteps so that his teachings be perpetuated and never forgotten (Beth Torah, 12/3/16).