October 19, 2017 ~ Shabbat NOAH. Maqam SIGAH.

Shabbat Vayesheb


וישמעו אחיו - Every group needs a good leader to help guide them in the right direction. Initially, for the Children of Israel, there was very poor leadership. When the brothers sought to kill Joseph, Reuben, the first born, requested to stop the murder, but compromised to throw him into a pit instead. As a leader, he was not powerful enough to do the right thing and completely defend Joseph. The brothers saw Reuben's tactics as weak and untrustworthy, and therefore went to search for a new leader. It is with Judah's more practical approach of selling Joseph in order to completely avoid any bloodshed where the words וישמעו אחיו, "and the brothers listened/ affirmed" (Genesis 37:27), are written. Despite the agony that this brought on their father, the acceptance of Judah's plan is indicative that they trusted his judgement as honest and sincere, and this is why they continuously gravitated towards him as their new leader (Beth Torah, 12/24/16).