October 24, 2017 ~ Shabbat LEKH LEKHA. Maqam SABA.

Shabbat Vayera

Lot's Contribution

וישקף על פני סדם ועמרה - As Abraham witnesses the devastation of Sodom (Genesis 19:28), we can only imagine the sense of failure that he experiences for a calamity that should have been avoided. Abraham only has the audacity to petition God to spare Sodom, because he assumes that his former confidant, Lot, after many years together, has become a role model and positive influence on his society. It comes as a disappointment when it is apparent that Lot has accomplished absolutely nothing; not following Abraham's example of steering people towards the path of righteousness. As the descendants of Abraham, we have been blessed with many fine role models who actively shape our lives. Unlike Lot, who laid low and contributed nothing to his society, we must actively seek ways to become those role models and make a positive impact on the lives of those around us (Beth Torah, 11/19/16).