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Rahawi Nawah 436 359 אמונים ערכו שבח Emunim (RAHAW, page 359), or "The Faithful," is an important Sephardic hymn for Pesah; specifically for the Leil HaSeder. It can be found in Mahzor Aram Soba (1527), making it one of our oldest pizmonim still in active transmission. It has the acrostic of "Aharon Kohen." Each of the 7 stanzas end with the words "Va'amartem Zebah Pesah..." (ואמרתם זבח פסח); referring to the commandment mentioned in Exodus 12:27 to offer the Qorban Pesah to God. Other Missvot relating to Pesah are also referred to, such as, eating Massa and Maror, drinking the four cups of wine, and retelling of the story of the exodus from Egypt (ending with receiving the Torah). The last verse ends "Your doings are wondrous; Your miracles are powerful; all those who seek refuge in You will say 'It is good to take refuge in the Lord' (Psalm 118:8)." The hymn is traditionally sung at the Seder in the Magid portion, and the melody of this hymn is applied to the prayers for Semehim of Shabbat Hagadol, and Naqdishakh of Ereb Pesah. Mahzor Aram Soba 1527 Abraham Sitehon Manuscript Yabess Manuscript A Z Idelsohn notes, 1923 Yosef Hamaoui
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