June 13, 2024 ~ Shabbat NASO. Maqam SABA.

Naftali A Tawil - נפתלי אברהם טוויל


Naftali Tawil, who had always displayed an unusual talent for music, was born in Jerusalem.  At the age of 20, he advanced his learning under the Master Hazzan, Hakham Moshe Ashear.  Naftali emerged as Ashear’s leading and most beloved student, attaining a high degree of proficiency in the knowledge of Maqam (Modes), Hazzanut, Pizmonim, and Baqashot.  After the untimely death of Hakham Moshe Ashear in 1940, Naftali became the mainstay of the cantorial staff of the Magen David Congregation for more than a decade. This was followed by a distinguished cantorial career with the Ahi Ezer Congregation for many years. He taught many and gave freely and willingly of his energies and skills to all worthy causes. His strong tenor voice will be long remembered. Naftali Tawil died at the early age of 61; leaving behind him a devoted wife, five loyal sons and a legacy of service to our community.

Index of Recordings

Section Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
Baqashot 19 28 אור עליון Eliahu Hamaoui Maqam Bayat Bayat. Written by H Eliahou Hamaoui (1840-1915) for H Eliahou Dahab. Bayat. Aharon Rahamim Hares Baqashot Manuscript, 1917 Naftali Tawil- Qaddish
Bayat 306 241 אל יצרת Raphael Tabbush Aseret Yeme Teshubah. Can be used for Shabbats of Maqam Bayat-Hijaz. Hamaoui Manuscript Tabbush Manuscript Naftali Tawil- Qedusha
Bayat 308 242 יה אלי מהר Raphael Tabbush Title in Red Book of "Abd Al Ekhoua" is incorrect. The actual title is “min abli mah ahwah algamal.” Naftali Tawil- Nishmat
Bayat 331 254 אל רם ואיום Naftali Tawil- Shavat
שועת עניים
Bayat 340 260 בעדי יה בעדי Moses Ashear Ashear Manuscript Naftali Tawil- EH
אל ההודאות
Bayat 344 264 מענה לשון Moses Ashear Safdieh. Ashear Manuscript Naftali Tawil- Halleluya
Bayat 357 274 אות אלף מאלפת א''ב Aleph Bet Song. Attiah Manuscript Shrem Manuscript Abraham Sitehon Manuscript Yabess Manuscript Mosseri-Kozli Manuscript Naftali Tawil- Semehim
אל ההודאות
Bayat 373 293 יחיד אלהי קדם Moses Ashear Hatan Yehezqel Haim Shalom. Tishri 1929. Leaflet Naftali Tawil- Nishmat
Bayat 375 296 מרום יחיד Moses Ashear Joseph Isaac Shalom Bar Misvah. Kislev 1930. Leaflet Photograph of Isaac Shalom Naftali Tawil- Qedusha
Bayat 390 316 יובילני Naftali Tawil- Nishmat
Hoseni 430 353 אמרי פי והגיוני אברהם Maqam Hoseni or Tahir. Attiah Manuscript Abraham Sitehon Manuscript Yabess Manuscript Naftali Tawil- Qedusha
Saba 458 380 יחיש מבשר This pizmon (SABA, page 380), which translates as "Our Father Will Hasten the Messenger," is an important song about praying for the redemption. This song is composed by H Raphael Tabbush (d. 1918) to the Arabic melody of "Ya'ish WeYe'Shaq Qalbi". In this song, the author asks God to answer our prayers, to forgive our transgressions, to save us from our enemies who are planning acts of violence on us, and to hasten the arrival of Eliahou the Prophet who will announce the redemption of the Jewish people. Traditionally, this song is associated with the last day of a Shalosh Regalim festival (Pesah, Shabuot, Sukkot); the time when we most yearn for the redemption and the rebuilding of the Bet HaMiqdash. H Moshe Ashear applied this melody for the Qaddish of Shabbat Naso in 1937 and 1938 (the Shabbat after the Shabuot festival). In addition, Cantor Isaac J Cabasso applies this melody to Nishmat on the last day of Pesah and Shemini Asseret. Nissim Tawil
Sigah 527 442 הימי סתמי Raphael Tabbush Hamaoui Manuscript Tabbush Manuscript Naftali Tawil- Shavat
אל ההודאות
Sigah 528 443 אל יצרני לעמל Raphael Tabbush Maqam Awj-Oj Naftali Tawil- Nishmat
Sigah 533 445 יה אוחיל Raphael Tabbush Maqam Awj-Oj Hamaoui Manuscript Tabbush Manuscript Naftali Tawil- Nishmat
Sigah 538 448 רזי עולם Raphael Tabbush Shalosh Regalim. Tabbush Manuscript Naftali Tawil- Nishmat
Hijaz 611.01 509 אנא אלי נאמן Naftali Tawil- Qedusha
2193 74 קדיש Maqam Baqashot Naftali Tawil- Bayat Qaddish 4
Naftali Tawil- Bayat Qaddish 3
Naftali Tawil- Bayat Qaddish 2
Naftali Tawil- Bayat Qaddish 5
Naftali Tawil- Bayat Qaddish 1
4094 N4 נשמת Pillar #1 of Shaharit. Heavy musical style. Naftali Tawil- Bayat Nishmat 1
4096 N7 אל ההודאות Light musical style. Naftali Tawil- EH
4098 N17 ממצרים Light musical style. Naftali Tawil- Bayat- Mimisrayim
5568 שירו לאל ברכו שמו שלמה Maqam Sigah Old SU. Old SU. Naftali Tawil- Pizmon & Nishmat