March 20, 2023 ~ VAYIQRA. RAST.

Qiddush - קדוש ליל שבת

Index of Pizmonim

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0.01 1 יגדל אלהים חי Thirteen Primary Jewish Beliefs according to Maimonides. R' Daniel ben Yehuda HaDayan- 13th century- Italy Ajam: Sion
Mahour: Sion
Nahwand: Sion
Bayat: Sion
J Mosseri- Saba for Milah
I Cabasso- Saba- Milah tune- Semehim
D Binker-Duek - Maqam NAWAH
Moshe Dwek - Yigdal - AJAM
Moshe Dwek - Yigdal - HOSENI
Moshe Dwek - Yigdal - NAHWAND
קדוש 2 שלום עליכם A song to welcome the Shabbat.
קדוש 3 אשת חיל Last Chapter of Proverbs. Said prior to Qiddush to honor the women of the household. I. Cabasso
קדוש 4 אזמר בשבחין
0.05 6 קדוש לליל שבת Qiddush for Friday Night. F Samra - Qiddush
David Tawil
D Binker-Duek
I Cabasso
Moshe Dwek - Qiddush - NAWAH
Moshe Dwek - Qiddush - NAHWAND
0.15 7 קדוש ליום שבת Qidusha Rabbah for Saturday Morning. M Habusha
I Cabasso
Moshe Dwek - Qiddush Raba - RAST
Moshe Dwek - Qiddush Raba - AJAM
Moshe Dwek - Qiddush Raba - NAHWAND
Moshe Dwek - Qiddush Raba - BAYAT
Moshe Dwek - Qiddush Raba - NAWAH
Moshe Dwek - Qiddush Raba - SABA
Moshe Dwek - Qiddush Raba - SIGAH
Moshe Dwek - Qiddush Raba - HIJAZ
0.2 7a צור משלו אכלנו Pizmon for Birkat HaMazon. Each blessing of Birkat Hamazon is alluded to. Maqam Hijaz. Recording
Moshe Dwek - Haleluya
Moshe Dwek - Naqdishakh