May 11, 2021 ~ Shabbat KALA. Maqam HOSENI.

אני דוד בר אהרן בר חסין חזק


Section Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
Hoseni 424 345 אוחיל יום יום Maqam Kourd Original older version of the song; written by R' David Hassin chiefly about Tiberias and the new resettlement efforts in Israel. Talks about the holiness of the Land of Israel and its Rabbis. Attiah Manuscript Abraham Sitehon Manuscript Yabess Manuscript G. Shrem
I. Dayan (Alternate version)
G. Shrem
Moshe Dwek
Moshe Dwek - Haleluya
Moshe Dwek - Haleluya