May 18, 2021 ~ Shabbat NASO. Maqam SABA.

יוסף בן הרב


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Baqashot 14 22 יסד בסודו Maqam Mehayar-Bayat Acrostics: "Yosef ben Harav." The composer was related to the Maran, Rav Yosef Cairo. The original way to sing this entire song is with the same tune as the first and second verses, however, the Israeli community added different tunes for the middle stanzas in order to enhance the pizmon. It is an Aleppo tradition to sing this song at funeral in the process of following the coffin. Mehayar-Bayat. "Barukh Sheamar" refers to the daily prayer that starts the Zemirot blessing. A Z Idelsohn notes, 1923 Aharon Rahamim Hares Baqashot Manuscript, 1917 Archives
R Barzani- Semehim