ישעיה חזק


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Rast 106 107 יום יום תמיד This pizmon (RAST, page 107), "Day by Day, to You I Pray," is the first song in the pizmonim book. It was composed in the nineteenth century in Aleppo by an individual named Yeshaya (acrostic: ישעיה חזק). There are 5 stanzas in this song. In the opening stanza, the author says that each day he prays for God, the King, to redeem His holy nation. He then asks to return the crown to the nation and to save them from all troubles. In the third and fourth stanzas, he petitions for the rebuilding of Zion, and for the prophecies of Isaiah to be fulfilled. Once this occurs, "every living soul will praise God" (alluding to Psalms 150:6). The final stanza praises God for giving His nation the Torah (the Ten Commandments) on Mount Sinai; the ultimate source of happiness for each Jewish person. Due to this song's important theme, it was considered a favorite of Mr Mickey Kairey A"H, and he made it a point to teach it to the youth on many occasions. This melody has been applied by H Moshe Ashear A"H to Naqdishakh on weeks of Maqam RAST. In addition, according to Mr Isaac Cabasso, this melody should also be applied to Nishmat of Shabbat Bereshit. Abraham Sitehon Manuscript Mosseri-Kozli Manuscript M. Kairey
Fule Yanani
Isaac Cabasso- Nishmat
994 ידיד נפשי מלך רם Maqam Arazbar
1005 יה חנון ואב רחמים Maqam Tahir
1168 יגל ישמח לבי גם אני Maqam Ashiran Shire Zimrah, Algiers, 1889
1184 יחיד רם מלך ונורא Maqam Ashiran
1367 יושב על כסא ישראל Maqam Mahour
2171 יחיד חי קיים ונורא Maqam Rahawi Nawah Rahawi