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Ezra Dweck and Gabriel Shrem


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Rast 164 140 אב הרחמן אהבת Wedding of Lew Grazi on his wedding day, 15 Tammuz, 1956. The melody is from "Bint Il Jiran." I. Cabasso
J. Mosseri
Moshe Dwek
Saba 511 427 רצני אהוב This pizmon (SABA, page 427), whose title can be translated as “My Beloved Will Want Me,” is a song that describes the love between man and his creator. The Hebrew words to the pizmon were composed by H Ezra Dweck with the assistance of Hazzan Gabriel A Shrem. It is written in honor of the great rabbi, H Baruch Ben Haim, who moved into the Syrian Jewish community of Brooklyn circa 1950 and got married to Charlotte, the daughter of the Chief Rabbi, Jacob S Kassin. The melody of this is from an Arabic song by the famous and influential Syrian-Egyptian composer, singer, and Oud player, Farid Al-Atrash (1910 - 1974). The song, called “Ghali Ya Bouy” (Dear Boy), was featured in the 1948 film called “Bolbol Effendi” (Mr Nightingale), and became wildly popular and beloved throughout the world; our community included. The melody of this song has been adapted to many pieces of prayers, such as Halleluya (Psalm 150), when prayers are being conducted in Maqam SABA. In addition, this song became associated with Pesah, and the entire month of Nissan, due to the references to them mentioned in the song’s second stanza. Leaflet Photograph of H Barukh Ben Haim G. Shrem Part 1
G. Shrem Part 2
G. Shrem 2
G. Shrem
Eliahou Ozen- Qaddish
Isaac Cabasso- Qaddish
Shrem and Cabby
E Sayegh
Moshe Dwek
Moshe Dwek - Halleluya
Moshe Dwek - Qaddish