July 18, 2024 ~ Shabbat BALAQ. Maqam MAHOUR.

Mordechai Abadi


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Rahawi Nawah 439 361 מי ימלל This pizmon, (Maqam NAWAH, page 361), is composed by H Mordekhai Abadi (Aleppo, 1826, - Jerusalem, 1884), author of "Dibre Mordekhai," and other Halakha responsa. There are a total of 5 stanzas in this pizmon; corresponding to מ-ר-ד-כ-י. "Who can recount the strengths and wonders of the most perfect and wise?" the poem begins, and then proceeds to list the miracles that God orchestrated as the Children of Israel leave Egypt. Starting with the third stanza, the 10 plagues that occurred in Egypt are poetically described. In the last verse, after the festival of Pesah is mentioned, there is a reference to the belief that Pesah, a time of a previous redemption, will be the season in the future when "we will be redeemed." As per the Hazzanut notes of H Moshe Ashear, this song is reserved for Shabbat Bo and Shabbat Hagadol. The Ades synagogue in Jerusalem, however, has a tradition of using this song one week earlier on Shabbat Vaera. Abraham Sitehon Manuscript Yosef Hamaoui
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